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GATHER magnetically coupled pump for sealing applications

Our solutions for sealing 

Centrifugal pumps are equipped with a pumping ring for circulation of the sealing liquidMain functions of sealing systems are sealing and cooling. When the pump stops, circulation also stops, risking high temperatures, resulting in possible seal damage or even leakage with all the resulting consequences. 

By applying gear pumps, the circulation of the sealing liquid continues, even when the main pump is stopped.  

For sealing applicationsSuurmond offers gear pumps in cast iron, cast steel and stainless steel. At request, conformance with API 676 and suited for the (so-called) API  seal plan (American Petroleum Institute). We also offer ATEX certification. 

Even for sealing systems with pressures up to 325 barg, we have a solution. Pumps with magnetic coupling! 

In addition to gear pumps for circulationSuurmond designs dedicated sealing units according customer specifications! 



GATHER magnetically coupled gear pumps and turbine pumps
MAAG HYDROLUB® (cast iron)
MAAG REFINEX® (cast steel)

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