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Which sales region do you want to see the portfolio from? Our product range is not the same for every region. Therefore, make your choice here to see the right product range.

The HNPM products enable innovation and expansion of process boundaries!

The field of applications of the product range lies in analytical instrumentation, mechanical and plant engineering, chemical and pharmaceutical process engineering as well as in new markets like fuel cells or biotechnology, organic electronics or aerospace.

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Frequently asked questions about HNP Mikrosysteme

They specialize in micro annular gear pumps, micro dosing systems, and micro filters for fast and precise dosing of very small liquid volumes.

Their products are utilized across various fields including analytical instrumentation, chemical and pharmaceutical process engineering, and emerging areas like biotechnology and aerospace.

Suurmond supplies solutions to optimize your process and improve the quality of your end-product. To do so, we talk!

Our experienced staff with different backgrounds in a wide variety of applications and industries, will design a solution dedicated to your process requirements. Even for tough conditions! And always with low cost-of-ownership and sustainability in mind.