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The use of MAAG industrial gear pumps

The gear pumps meet the requirements for high process pressure and high temperatures and/or low inlet pressure across a wide viscosity range. Some models are also available in a highly corrosion-resistant version. Unique for the powerful MAAG gear pumps is that they can handle up to 320°C by default. Due to the modular construction of the gear pumps, the MAAG gear pumps enable a wide range of applications.

The magnetic coupling ensures safe and reliable applications such as crystallizing, moisture or air sensitive fluids (e.g. isocyanate). The double containment shroud of the magnetic coupling provides optimal heating and cooling and leak-detection; ideal for solidifying liquids such as paraffine and molton sulphur.

These external gear pumps are increasingly being used for chemical processes for:

  • Precise dosing of catalysts or additives
  • Pumping fluids from high pressure reactors at high temperatures
  • Feeding into distillation columns or thin film evaporators
  • Discharging viscous liquids out of a vacuum with low inlet pressure

Advantages of MAAG industrial gear pumps

  • Pulsation-free
  • Highly precise and reproducible dosing
  • Maximum service life and minimum downtime
  • Powerful and compact
  • No dead volume
  • Suited for non-lubricating fluids
  • Corrosion-resistant materials
  • A multitude of material combinations to fit your process


Technical data of MAAG industrial gear pumps

Flow rate 0.05 up to 1,400 l/min
Temperature -30°C up to 320°C
Differential pressure max 350 bar
System pressure -1 up to 350 barg
Viscosity 0.3 up to 4,000,000 mPas
Materials SS, cast iron, cast steel. Various materials for wetted parts.
Certification ATEX, CE, material and test certificates

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Examples of application areas for MAAG industrial gear pumps

  • Chemical industry
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Refineries
  • Other industrial applications