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The use of FlexyTSC

The adiabatic «thermal hazard screening» calorimeter provides experts with support in safety analysis of solids and liquids as well as non-homogeneous substances.
Thermodynamic evaluations with FlexyTSC offer clear analysis of undesired decomposition reactions or autocatalytic reactions regarding:

  • Onset temperature
  • Heat of decomposition
  • SHR (self-heating rate)
  • Arrhenius plot
  • TMR plot (time to maximum rate)
  • Activation energy
  • Antoine plot

Advantages of FlexyTSC calorimeters

  • Operation of up to 6 test units simultaneously or individually
  • Samples in gram range for analysis of non-homogenous substances
  • Various vessel types for varying process requirements
  • Temperature difference resolution +/- 0.01K
  • Recording and evaluation tools are available

Application limits of FlexyTSC calorimeters

Temperature -50°C to +400°C
Sample volume 0.5ccm to 500ccm
Pressure 200 bar/ 400°C

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Examples of application areas for FlexyTSC calorimeters

  • Scale-up
  • Process safety
  • Thermal stability
  • Warehouse test
  • Risk analysis
  • Run-away scenario