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The use of HNPM micro filters

HNP Mikrosysteme strongly recommends the use of a filter with a pore size or mesh width of 10 µm to protect the micro annular gear pump.

They offer a range of filters, including straight inline filters, inline T-filters, and inlet filters made from various materials with different filter surfaces. These HNPM filters can be ordered separately as a single product. Suurmond also uses them to protect pumps other than HNPM micro pumps.

A filter monitoring sensor can be implemented to detect impending maintenance or cleaning of the filter, as well as a closed supply line. In the “T-version”, the sensor can be directly adapted, while for straight filters, it can be integrated by adding a separate mounting block.


Advantages of HNPM micro filters

  • High filtration capacity in relation to the internal volume, due to large filter area
  • High-performance filter elements for low pressure losses even at higher flow rates and viscosities
  • Purely metallic filter elements without solder or adhesives
  • For food and pharmaceutical industries:
    FDA-compliant sealing materials
    Surface roughness ≤0.8
    and hygienic fittings on request
  • User-friendly and economical; filter elements can be cleaned and replaced
  • Very compact (height from 21.5 to 174mm)
  • Small dead volume
  • Smooth surface Ra 0.8

Technical details of HNPM micro filters

Internal volume 0.3 ml - 195 ml
Filter area 1.3cm2 – 450cm2
Filter fineness 3 to 100µm
Max system pressure 140 - 200 bar
Max differential pressure 5 - 20 bar
Fluid connections depending on filter type ¼” 28 UNF, 1/8” NPT, 3/8” NPT, G1/2”
Materials corrosion-resistant materials 316L, stainless steel or alloy C22, FPM, EPDM

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