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The use of the GATHER Metering box

The GATHER metering box is an operator-friendly device that enables fast commissioning and easy operation (via touchscreen) of different dosing and measurement applications.
After setting a few parameters of the different sensors, an automatic algorithm identifies the control loop parameters (PID-Controller): AUTOTUNING.
Continuously dosing or batch filling are possible, independent of the flow or control sensor. That means a simple realisation of many different dosing applications (e.g. control/filling of volumes, masses, adjustment of pH value, pressures, etc).
All input/control values can be set and adjusted via the screen. Standard interfaces for digital storage and operating via PC/DCS are available.

Advantages of the GATHER Metering Box

  • Applicable for all pumps with pulsating-free characteristics
  • Variable speed drive
  • No dependency on liquid viscosities
  • Integrated „Master-Slave-Function“
  • Integrated “Fail-Safe-Function
  • Special interfaces on request

Technical data for the GATHER Metering box

Display 7” full colour touch screen
Number of A/O’s 2x Analogue inlet: (0)4-20mA / 0(2)-10Vdc
2x Digital inlet sensor: pulse, 1 kHz or 10 kHz (alternative for one analogue inlet)
2x Analogue outlet: 0(2)-10 Vdc - (0)4-20 mA
3x relays contacts; NO (2x max 30Vdc – 2A and 1x 24Vdc/2A or 48Vdc/0,8A or 250Vac/2A)
2x digital inlet batch dosing
Power supply 1x 230Vac – 50Hz

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Examples of application areas of the GATHER Metering box

  • Batch dosing
  • Continuous dosing
  • Low flow dosing
  • Dispensing
  • Dosing and filling