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Our team

Suurmond fosters a culture of collaboration and teamwork where every team member’s contributions are valued. Open communication and knowledge sharing are encouraged, creating a supportive environment where individuals can thrive and work together towards shared goals. This strong sense of teamwork sets Suurmond apart from competitors that may have more hierarchical or siloed work cultures.

Innovation and entrepreneurial spirit

Since its foundation in 1974, our company has been dedicated to tailor-made solutions for the process industry. Back then, we started with sealing systems for extrusion and chemistry, but now Suurmond offers numerous solutions for process optimization.

Benefits of working at Suurmond


Professional Development

Learning and growing are encouraged. Especially when it makes a positive contribution to growth at individual as well as collective level and thus to the quality we can offer our customers.

Natascha Bus | Suurmond

Collaborative Work Environment

Employees have the opportunity to work closely with talented professionals from diverse backgrounds, fostering personal and professional growth through collaboration.

Hugo Grder | Suurmond

Innovative Projects and Impactful work

Contribute to more efficient, safer, and improved processes in sectors such as chemicals, pharmaceuticals, food, oil, and polymer industries? Employees get the chance to make a difference with us.


Employee Well-being

Suurmond values the well-being of individuals. This is evident in the fact that a significant proportion of our employees have been with us for a long time, some even for more than 25 years!

Company culture

Our corporate culture is characterised by short and efficient lines of communication. The atmosphere is characterised by openness and directness, where everyone can easily talk to each other.
This not only promotes transparency, but also ensures that decisions are taken quickly.

The informal communication culture creates a sense of commitment and trust between colleagues. As a result, employees feel free to share ideas and give feedback, which stimulates creativity and innovation.

And when there is something to celebrate, we like to do it with sausage rolls from the hot bakery!

Our team


Collaboration and Teamwork

Innovation and Entrepreneurial Spirit

Focus on Personal Growth and Development

Customer-Centric Approach

Emphasis on Sustainability and Responsible Practices

Story telling

Get to know some of our colleagues. What drives them?


As a technical company, we feel responsible to help today’s young generation get started in our beautiful sector. After all, they are our future. When a great project presents itself that is suitable for a trainee, we are happy to make space and time to guide the student and transfer our knowledge.

We can provide internships in The Netherlands at MBO and HBO level (Dutch education system for secondary and higher vocational education).

Approved Learning Company

As a technical company, we recognize the significance of exposing students to diverse technical environments. Engineering is multifaceted, and it’s vital for students to unearth their talents and nurture them. This mutual contribution leads to a win-win scenario: students gain valuable experience while we, as employers, aim to foster future skilled professionals.

Time to celebrate, it is Suurmond's birthday!

Find out all about our anniversary on our dedicated page!.

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