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Dosing systems

Fluid Handling

For the development of special chemicals and polymers, a reliable and precise system to dose additives is often essential. Additives add specific characteristics and/or are necessary for an efficient reaction. Processes are very sensitive to the quantity and continuity of the dosing. Especially in the field of continuous flow reactions. Our solutions are pulsation-free which is essential for a continuous flow.
From simple standard dosing units, up to specially developed multi-channel dosing units, or multi-component dosing equipment. For lab to production-scale.

suurDOS® dosing systems

Pulsation-free and highly precise. Free choice of components.
Custom made, dosing systems for gravimetric and volumetric dosing applications in lab, pilot plant and production.

HNPM micro dosing systems

Integrated systems based on micro annular gear pumps. Batch & continuous processes.
Fast and precise dosing and metering of liquids in the micro to millilitre range.

GATHER Metering box

Universal controller for dosing pumps with self-tuning for PID parameters.
A plug and play solution for the exact dosing or filling of liquids in batch or continuous processes.

The use of pulseless dosing units

Our dosing systems are used for liquid additive dosing and catalyst dosing in various processes in the processing industry for gravimetric and volumetric dosing tasks.

We supply simple pump/ mass flow meter systems up to fully independently operating units with control system, data acquisition and storage tanks. Suurmond can provide a dosing solution according your specific requirements, either gravimetric or volumetric.

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Besides our own developed systems, we also supply systems manufactured by our partners, like the dosing solutions from HNP Mikrosysteme GmbH (Modos, Liquidos, ….) or the solutions of GATHER Industrie GmbH (Metering box).

Advantages of our pulseless liquid dosing units

  • Continuous and batch processes
  • High precision of < 0.3%
  • Reproducible dosing
  • High volumetric efficiencies
  • Pulsation-free dosing with low capacities
  • Wide viscosity range
  • Two or more components dosing, with or without ratio dependency/ recipe handling
  • Selection of materials and pump characteristics to comply with your process requirements
  • Free choice of components!

Technical data for our dosing systems

Flow rates from < µl/ hour to m3 / hour
Viscosities 0.3 mPas up to 4,000,000 mPas
Temperature -30 up to 320°C
Certification ATEX, CE, material and test certificates
Are you looking for a solution to handle or process your fluid? Our specialists will be happy to advise you.

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Examples of application areas for our dosing systems

  • Additive & catalyst dosing
  • Liquid dosing processes for extrusion and compounding
  • Continuous (flow) reaction systems
  • Analytical instrumentation
  • All other chemical processes

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Suurmond supplies solutions to optimize your process and improve the quality of your end-product. Our specialists will be happy to advise you.

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Let's talk!

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