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The use of our solutions in the pharmaceutical industry

We offer high performance BÜCHI GMP reactor systems and accessories for pilot plant and kilo lab like heat exchangers, distillation columns, mixing vessels, nutsch filters and gas scrubbers to neutralize corrosive / acidic gases. Systems are equipped with either glass or glass-lined steel reactors and based on the unique Büchiflex glass ball/ socket joints for safe, clean and economic constructions. Leak-free and vacuum-tight!

We offer customized engineered solutions in Swiss quality. These reactor systems can easily be configured and retrofitted for any chemical process in laboratories and pilot plants. Depending on the characteristics of the fluids in your process and your application requirements, we design the correct set-up for your application.

Our systems are custom made to perfectly fit your process, leading to optimal solutions and lower costs-of-ownership. Our experienced team will support you as from the early project stage.


Our specialists are here to advise on the optimal solution for your process. Our engineers will design a system for you according your specifications.

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Examples of applications in the pharmaceutical industry

  • cGMP manufacturing of API’s and intermediates
  • Parallel synthesis
  • Validation / qualification
  • Low temperature or cryogenic applications
  • Distillation, Reflux, Rectification
  • Azeotropic distillation (phase separation)
  • Evaporation to desired consistency
  • Multicomponent reactions
  • Gas dispersion into liquid phase
  • Extraction/phase separation in reactor
  • Crystallization
  • Hot-melt extrusion and micro pelletizing