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The use of our solutions in the food industry

Our solutions range from pumps, pump systems, highly precise dosing systems to reactor systems. Including CIP and SIP options.

Depending on the characteristics of the fluids in your process and your application requirements, we define the correct set-up for your application. Our systems are custom made to fit your process, leading to optimal solutions and lower costs-of-ownership.

Stainless Steel and special surface treatment for hygienic purposes are possible and often necessary. Also, stainless steel fittings or interfaces for food / pharma directly installed on the pumps or reactor openings are available. Orbital welding is also possible. Depending on the product, CIP and SIP cleanability options are also possible.


Our specialists are here to advise on the optimal solution for your process. Our engineers will design a system for you according your specifications.

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Examples of applications in the food industry

  • Dosing additives in beer breweries, industrial bakeries
  • Gear pumps for pumping margarine and butter with injected gasses