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The use of suurDOS® dosing systems

suurDOS® dosing systems are designed and produced by Suurmond and can be delivered with or without control system. Suitable for liquids with low and high viscosities, as well as a wide temperature range. They provide a robust and reliable pulsation-free solution for your dosing demands.
Available as single channel dosing (one liquid) or multi-channel dosing (with a variety of outlets), one or more components, with or without buffer tank, heated and non-heated, ATEX, ….

suurDOS® systems are more and more used instead of classic dosing solutions with diaphragm or piston pumps. The pulsation-free suurDOS® solution makes it possible to dose more accurately and to decrease the required dosing rates, improving product quality and characteristics.

Advantages of suurDOS® dosing systems

  • Pulsation-free
  • Highly precise and reproducible dosing
  • Free choice of components!
  • From simple up to highly sophisticated designs. You decide!

Technical data of suurDOS® dosing systems

Flow rate from µl/ hour up to > 35 l/min
Certification ATEX, CE, material and test certificates

Our specialists are here to advise on the optimal solution for your process. Our engineers will design a dosing system for you according your specifications.

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Examples of application areas for suurDOS® dosing systems

  • Additive dosing
  • Catalyst dosing
  • Wax dosing
  • Dye dosing
  • Perfume dosing
  • Oil dosing