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Which sales region do you want to see the portfolio from? Our product range is not the same for every region. Therefore, make your choice here to see the right product range.

What we supply

  • Industrial gear and turbine pumps
  • Extrusion gear pumps
  • Polymer gear pumps
  • Screen changers and polymer filtration systems
  • (Dosing) unit construction
  • Pressure and glass reactors for R&D
  • Lab automation
  • Partners whom we represent

  • Selected partners with the same philosphy as Suurmond, extending our resources in a flexible way

Why you choose Suurmond

Suurmond specialises in sustainable solutions for demanding processes in the processing industry. The most important reasons why Suurmond the right partner for you is:

  • Sparring partner and sounding board for the end user
  • Experience and know-how in the (processing) industry since 1974
  • Precise and well tuning of the correct materials and components
  • Application of reliable high-quality components for sustainable solutions

How can we be of importance to you?

  • Analysis of your process and production line
  • Design and production of (complete) custom made units
  • Optimization and trouble shooting
  • Inspection and repair
  • Start-up help before commissioning
  • Training

Time to celebrate, it is Suurmond's birthday!

Find out all about our anniversary on our dedicated page!.

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