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Temperature and pressure sensors

The use of temperature and pressure sensors

The Suurmond pressure sensors are used for safety and to protect your equipment. They are also used to control your product quality.

Advantages of our sensors

  • Safe processes
  • Protection of your equipment
  • Control product quality

Technical data of our pressure sensors

Temperature  up to 400°C
Pressure from 0 to 1,000 bar
Accuracy ± 0.5 off end value up to ± 1% off end value
Capillary rigid from 152mm to 318 mm
Capillary Capillary flexible combined 152mm rigid and 457mm flexible
Medium in capillary NaK (fluid metal), Mercury
Process connection ½ – 20 UNF – 2A and M18 x 1.5

Technical data of our temperature sensors

Temperature up to 400°C
Construction ceramic isolated measuring tip or complete metal execution
Process connection ½ – 20 UNF – 2A and M18 x 1.5
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Examples of application areas for our temperature and pressure sensors

  • General extrusion applications, like sheet, profile, pipe, blown film
  • Compounding
  • High viscous fluids, like hot melts or adhesives
  • Laboratory
  • Material quality control