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The use of metering pumps

Originally designed as spinning pumps, the MAHR metering pumps have evolved into metering pumps for various applications where highly precise dosing is essential. For instance, hotmelt and paint applications.

The metering pumps have a modular design to perfectly fit your process. Due to the standard connecting dimensions, the pumps can easily be modified for different flow ranges.

Paint pumps from MAHR are used for both conventional and water-based paints and assure excellent flushing results and shortest colour changing intervals.
The pumps can easily be integrated in robot operated systems for industrial and automotive paint applications.

Advantages of our metering pumps

  • Modular design
  • Small– medium – large pump types
  • Same connecting dimension within other pump types
  • Long service life and reliable
  • Materials: high alloyed special steel, diverse coatings and drives, etc.
  • Magnetic couplings on request


Advantages of our painting application pumps

  • Pump design: flushable / non flushable
  • Pump material: high alloyed special steel
  • Coatings: various coatings available on request
  • Excellent flushing results at shortest colour changing intervals
  • Extended lifetime due to special surface coatings
  • Brackets available on request

Technical data of our hotmelt metering pumps & painting application pumps

Hotmelt metering pumps:
Differential pressure max. 100 bar
Volume range 0.02 cc - 200 cc per revolution (other at request)
Temperature range max. 150°C
Painting application pumps:
Pressure range max. 75 bar counter pressure
Volume range 0.6 cc - 6 (12) cc per revolution (other at request)
Temperature range 100°C - 150°C

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Examples of application areas for our metering pumps

  • Spinning
  • Paint
  • PUR
  • Adhesives
  • Varnish
  • Resin
  • Painting