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Gerald Loedeman, service engineer or Suurmond.

Creating what’s in your head

From a young age, I have always felt the need to create something I had in my head. I like being creative and working with my hands. That is why engineering appeals to me so much, especially complex control engineering such as for pumps and dosing systems. The high-quality technology, in operation as well as in the application of materials, attracts me and provides challenges in my work.

From trainee to fellow employee

In the second year of my secondary vocational education, I did an internship at Suurmond. It was an instructive 10-week period during which I noticed that Suurmond invests a lot in employees and a pleasant working environment. I continued working as a holiday employee and came back in my fourth year for a new work placement.

After this internship, I was asked to join Suurmond. For me, this was an attractive offer because of the specialist work and the good atmosphere.

No two days the same

Every day in the workshop is different. I build pump systems, spray parts and work on dosing units. I also work on the development of our products like the suurGLASS™ reactor. Together with my colleague Jacob, I have visited customers many times, including during my internship. This gives me the chance to get to know factories and laboratories and learn a lot from our customers. It is useful but also necessary to transfer knowledge. For me, there is still a lot to learn about the basics of what we make here. That is challenging and keeps things interesting, even if pumps can sometimes seem boring. Every customer and every project bring new questions and ideas, so there is always variety.

Age difference is just of great value

At Suurmond, I really am the youngest. The age difference with my older colleagues (up to 40 years old) ensures that I can learn a lot from their experience. I get the freedom to contribute my own ideas as long as the result is good. I also help my colleagues with computer-related issues, which is nice because it allows us to learn from each other.

A fine balance between theory and practice

My work gives balance between theory and practice. What I design I often get my hands on in the workshop. This is very instructive and helps avoid a gap between engineering and workshop. My work varies depending on how busy it is. Sometimes I’m tinkering, then I jump in with the drawing work. That creates variety and makes my work interesting.

Working at Suurmond is something very special to me.