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From Commercial Talent to Technical Expertise

It is inspiring to experience their passion and enthusiasm when I visit clients. My role is to support them with practical solutions and to promote efficiency.

I started studying commercial economics at Avans University of Applied Sciences and came across engineering through an internship at Teijin in Arnhem, which I found very interesting. As a result, I knew I wanted to work in a technical environment. I eventually came into contact with Suurmond through a recruiter during my graduation period at Teijin in Arnhem.

I started as a Sales Engineer for the Fluid Handling business unit. In doing so, I first supported our sales engineer for Fluid Handling Hugo and later built up my own customer base. When a position became available in the Reactor Systems business unit, I made the switch. I still have no regrets about that!


It is all about teamwork

My role as a sales engineer at Suurmond is all about teamwork. Together with colleagues in the workshop and engineers/drawers, we ensure that projects run smoothly from quotation to installation. My focus is on customer relations, quotations and ultimately achieving orders.


Even small projects give me satisfaction

For me, successful projects are not only the ones with a large turnover, but also the small projects with good customer contact give me satisfaction. I appreciate working with driven customers, especially at Reactor Systems. It is inspiring to experience their passion and enthusiasm when I visit customers. My role is to support them with practical solutions for often complex processes and to promote efficiency.


A dynamic work field

The corona pandemic has changed the way relationships are maintained, from personal contact to more virtual communication. Despite these changes, it remains important for me to maintain personal connections with customers and build strong business relationships.

In the long term, as a sales engineer, I aim to achieve healthy growth in our customer portfolio, focusing on providing solutions. My role is focused on generating sales and building strong customer relationships.