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MAAG industrial gear pumps for pulseless flow type refinex/hydrolub

Our solutions for lubrication

Suurmond provides solutions for the process industry, for example, for lubricating compressor slide bearings or gear in a reducer or gearbox. The reliable pump types HYDROLUB® (cast iron) and REFINEX® (cast steel) of MAAG have been specially developed for this application. For processes with very high suction pressure, high system pressure or reactive liquids (e.g. air or moisture), a magnetically coupled version is available.

The pumps can be delivered in accordance with API 676. Material and ATEX certification are also available.

A special and unique version is the so-called double pump. Two pumps, which can also be unequally large, are mechanically connected, so they rotate exactly at the same speed and can thus split a flow rate into a fixed ratio. For example, to lubricate different segments of a gearbox.

Fun fact:
Did you know that MAAG developed their gear pumps specifically for lubrication of the MAAG gearboxes?



HYDROLUB® (cast iron)

REFINEX® (cast steel)

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