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Basic glass reactors

Basic glass reactors

Glass reactors for every budget.

Glass reactors in parallel

Glass reactors in parallel

Fully automated glass reactors for synthesis in parallel

Single glass reactors

Single glass reactors

Fully automated glass lab reactors

The use of small-scale glass reactors

Small scale glass reactors are generally used to simulate scale-up and production conditions in smaller volumes, trial and error reactions and process development screening. The reactor systems can be equipped with a large variety of options, including agitator, heating jacket, etc.

The reactors comply with requirements in the common chemistry, pharmaceutical, biochemical and food industry.

Advantages of our small-scale glass reactors

  • Visible reactions!
  • Modular systems
  • Minimal use of (expensive) ingredients
  • From manual to fully automated systems up to 6 reactors in parallel
  • Manually or recipe controlled
  • Economic

Technical data for our small-scale glass reactors

Volume 70ml up to 6 litre
Pressure up to 0.5 bar
Temperature -80°C to +280°C
Material vessels Borosilicate glass 3.3
Certification GLP and CFR21 part 11, IQ/OQ on request

Our specialists are here to advise on the optimal solution for your process. Our engineers will design a reactor system for you according your specifications.

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Examples of application areas for small-scale glass reactors

  • Rectification
  • Conditioning
  • Solving
  • Extraction
  • Mixing and stirring
  • Phase separation
  • Distillation
  • Parallel synthesis up to 6 reactors simultaneously