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Complete filter reactor for peptide synthesis

Our solutions for peptide synthesis

We offer a range of filtration equipment from lab scale, through pilot plant and up to process scale. Where the resulting product is insoluble or immobilised on a resin bead, the Nutsch filter is a very useful piece of equipment that consists of a stirred vessel, possibly jacketed, with an integral perforated plate at the bottom.

BÜCHI nutsch filters can easily be combined with the Büchi reactors for solid / liquid separation after the synthesis. The inert materials allow safe processing in an inert atmosphere of a wide range of solvents and acids in a completely sealed (buchiflex) glass system under full vacuum.

The slurry is transferred into the filter. The solid content in the slurry is held back by the filter cloth forming a filter cake, while the filtrate runs away to the outlet valve in the bottom plate. The filtering stage finishes when the filtrate is of small quantity, which can be shortened by squeezing the filter cake by turning the in height adjustable stirrer.
The cake is removed easily from the top by opening the cover and lowering the glass filter vessel, which is fixed to the lifting device. The same lifting device is used to lower the bottom for accessing the filter cloth for cleaning and exchange.

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Peptide synthesis

Solid Phase Peptide Synthesis (SPPS) reactor system