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Reactor system for polymerization reactions

There are two types of polymerization

Addition polymerization
A condition for addition polymerization is that there must be unsaturated monomers, so molecules where at least one double or triple binding is present (alkenand alkynen). The double binding jumps open; this allows the molecules to bind together and a long chain of molecules is created. You can compare additive polymerization with a beaded necklace, where the beads are the monomers.

Condensation polymerization
For condensation polymerization, two functional groups are needed: these are often acids, alcohols and amins. In this type of polymerization, the molecules react, in which a molecule is split off.
An example of this is the ester formation from an acid and an alcohol, in which a water molecule (H2O) is released. This creates a long chain of esters. In this case, the created polymer is called a “polyester”.

Our solutions for polymerization

Our different types of reactors are extremely well suited for performing polymerization reactions.
BÜCHI (high) pressure reactors and SYSTAG automated lab reactors, offer chemists a platform to scale up their processes on lab scale (from 50 ml to 5 l). The geometry of jacketed reactor vessels often mimics those at pilot plant scale, providing chemists with greater confidence in the feasibility of scaling up their chemistry.

Lab automation:

Small-scale pressure reactors:
Büchi Miniclave
Büchi Picoclave

Medium-scale pressure reactors:
Büchi Uniclave
Büchi Polyclave
Büchi Versoclave
Büchi Kiloclave

High-pressure reactors:
Büchi Midiclave
Büchi Novoclave
Büchi Limbo LS

Pump system for polymerization process

Our specialists are here to advise on the optimal solution for your process. Our engineers will design a reactor system for you according your specifications.

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