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Reactor system for hydrogenation

The equipment needed includes pressure vessels, a gas dosing system and a thermostat able to provide good temperature control. In addition, the hydrogen dispersal can be maximized by using hollow-shafted, gas entrainment stirrers and catalyst baskets in different shapes.

We supply the separate components like various types of reactors, to thermostats, catalyst baskets, up to complete systems for accurate and reproducible hydrogenations.

The BÜCHI gas dosing system is a fully automated and safe system to inject the right amount of hydrogen and to log all data. The BÜCHI complete solution fulfills highest safety standards for hydrogenations under low and high pressure and makes it a very reliable system. Multiple built-in safety features as built in gas leakage sensors can trigger an immediate shut down of the gas supply.

Our solutions for hydrogenation

Büchi BPC hydrogenation system
SYSTAG FlexyCLAVE recipe controlled solution for hydrogenation

Small-scale pressure reactors:
Büchi Miniclave
Büchi  Picoclave

Medium-scale pressure reactors:
Büchi  Uniclave
Büchi  Polyclave
Büchi  Versoclave
Büchi  Kiloclave
Büchi Midiclave

High pressure reactors:
Büchi Novoclave
Büchi Limbo LS

Büchi accessories for pressure reactors

SYSTAG Lab automation:

Suurmond supplies solutions to optimize your process and improve the quality of your end-product. Our specialists will be happy to advise you.

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Büchi turn-key hydrogenation system