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MAAG industrial gear pumps for pulseless flow type cinox-therminox

Gear pumps and dosing systems

Dyes are used to color the end product and are often dosed as color intensive fluids with relatively low flows.

The use of gear pumps allows for pulsation-free dosing. In combination with a dedicated flow measurement system, dyes can be dosed with accuracies of < 0,3%. Color dosing systems offer the benefit of using the minimal volume of dye which helps to reduce production costs.

Gear pumps are also used for example in the paper industry, for producing detergents, as well as in the pharmaceutical and food industry.

Our solutions for dye and color dosing

For this purpose, Suurmond has supplied various pump types from HNPM, GATHER, MAAG and MAHR as well as complete dedicated dosing units. The dosing units can be plug & play supplied with dosing accuracies of 0.3% or better.

Volume from 60 µl/h till 600 l/min and more
Viscosity from 0.3-40,000 mPas
Temperatures up to 320 °C
Pressures up to 200 bar
*) Limits may vary from used pump type and materials.

Suurmond supplies solutions to optimize your process and improve the quality of your end-product. Our specialists will be happy to advise you.

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Pumps for dye dosing by MAHR

MAHR pumps for paint applications

Industrial pump GATHER magnetically coupled pump

GATHER magnetically coupled gear pumps

MAAG industrial gear pumps for pulseless flow type cinox-therminox

MAAG industrial gear pumps

suurDOS fluid dosing system

SUURMOND suurDOS® dosing systems