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Hermetically sealed pumps for pulseless metering, pumping and circulating low to medium viscous, lubricating and non-lubricating fluids. Including cryogenic applications!


Just like the pump sizes I and II, this new compact pump type BG III is hermetically sealed; a reliable, leak-free solution for extremely high to low temperatures. These process pumps from GATHER INDUSTRIE GmbH are unique in their ability to handle system pressures up to 325 bar!
This makes them ideal for a variety of challenging applications, such as seal units, sample units, including cryogens!

With the BG III, these special applications can now also be run on a larger scale!

When selecting this pump, a wide variety of material combinations is available to perfectly match your application. A stainless-steel horizontal extension flange is provided for assembly with a drive.

The exchange of a GATHER pump head is simple; Do It Yourself!


Characteristics of this pump:

Magnetic coupling – hermetically sealed

  • Free from wear and maintenance without leakage of the fluid

    GATHER gear pump for non-lubricating and lubricating fluids

Cooling of the magnetic system and the slide bearings through inner circulation

  • Inner fluid circulation is possible through flushing holes and channels for cooling and bearing lubrication

Pulsation-free flow

  • For high quality processes

Suitable for non-lubricating fluids

  • By using chemically resistant and highly accurately manufactured pump materials (stainless steel, Hastelloy, titanium, etc.)

Robust design and long service life

  • Thanks to the magnetic coupling, inner circulation, precise manufacturing and the two-piece pump housing

CIP- and at request SIP-suitable

  • Flushing and cleaning in the installed situation (cleaning/sterilisation)


Technical details:

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