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Our continuity commitment


The Covid-19 crisis has had a major impact on how we are able to live our lives. Many economic activities and factories have either had to stop completely or have significant reductions in their capabilities. We all have to be responsible for our own health and that of others, so that we can overcome this crisis together.

So far, Suurmond has been able to continue deliveries and services during this crisis relatively well. We have been able to do this by taking appropriate logistical measures in our offices, such as minimal occupancy by rotating staff working in the office and working from home. We have also increased hygiene precautions in line with government guidance. Suurmond’s staff were already familiar with making presentations and conducting meetings using Microsoft TEAMS, so, this is an easy transition for us if you need us to work with you from a distance.

Our suppliers have, so far, been able to continue production and the supply of products with very little impact on delivery times. Indeed, many of our suppliers have been able to contribute positively to the production of essential materials and tools to fight this crisis. These include pump and filtration systems for the production of non-woven materials for face masks, micro pumps for virus testing, pumps for acrylics and polymers for manufacturing protective screens, etc. This has been a significant driving force for both Suurmond and our partners to ensure continuity of availability for our customer.