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“We congratulate you on your anniversary and look forward to continuing our cooperation.”

28 years ago, at the end of 1995, Hermann Schipper took over SYSTAG Benelux B.V. from Peter Meier and Huub Kasius.

I myself have known the Suurmond/Autoclave company since I started working for SYSTAG in 2000. Over the years, I have come to appreciate the spirit and quality of this partner company, which distributes our products in the Benelux region.

It is these common virtues that unite our two companies and have always enabled us to find constructive and balanced solutions to the challenges presented by the markets and customers.

50 years of Suurmond/Autoclave show that over the past decades, people have come together again and again to work towards a common and overriding goal, incorporating all their different talents: the prosperity of the company!

We at SYSTAG are also faced with the challenge of seeking and finding sustainable solutions for the future. In doing so, it is worth taking a look northwards …

Marcel Haugg | CEO SYSTAG System Technik AG