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“Congratulations from the entire MAAG team on your 50th anniversary, of which Maag has been a part for 49 years”

In 1974, Maag Zahnräder AG was one of the first companies represented by Suurmond in the Netherlands. In 1991, Maag Pump Systems was established as the gear pump company under Maag Group; Suurmond decided to focus on the gear pump business and became our Agent for Pumps. Since 1974, the Maag business grew from a few million EURO to over 500 million EURO in 2023.

Suurmond and its team contributed significantly to our success. In 1974, MAAG became a public listed company on the Swiss stock market. Over the last 50 years the ownership of Maag Pumps changed several times, this created uncertainties with some of our agents, however Suurmond was always very loyal to Maag which we appreciate greatly.

Today, MAAG belongs to Dover Cooperation a US based conglomerate with over 8 billion US$ revenue.


The long-standing cooperation between MAAG and Suurmond lasted due to the high-quality standards both companies established and met over all the years.

It has been always a great pleasure to work with Wim van der Kok, Ferdie de Jonge and their teams in the Netherlands, UK and Belgium and I hope it will last for another 50 years!

Ueli Thürig | CEO MAAG