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And that opens new opportunities!


HNPM has further developed an existing micropump so that it is suitable for temperatures up to 200°C. The pump is hermetically sealed, making it leak-proof and safe. This development opens the door to micro-dosing in other market segments.

The HNPM micro gear pump type mzr-6355 is ideally suited for dosing (measured pumping) small quantities of liquids. Also, low-viscosity liquids. Think of additives, dyes, and acids in the food industry, but also solvents such as MEK, THF and acetone. This makes the pumps perfect for use in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries! For both batch and continuous processes.

Because the micropump pumps so accurately, you don't waste precious ingredients. In fact, you never over-dose. This makes your process more efficient and economical.

New opportunities

This micro-gear pump can also be used in polymerization processes, R&D environments and for controlled dosing applications in, for example, a reactor.
The unique pumping principle of the HNPM is characterized by a continuous, pulsation-free yield. The pump has compact dimensions, a small mass and can easily be installed into a fume hood. Furthermore, this pump is optionally available in an ATEX version.


micro pump mzr 6355

HNPM micro pump mzr 6355

Technical details

Volume 0.024 - 144 ml/min
Dosing volume from 15 µl
Temperature range max 200°C
Viscosity 0.3 - 1,000 mPa·s
System pressure 80 bar
Differential pressure 40 bar


How they contribute to safety, precision, and efficiency


That pharmaceuticals place high demands on their production is hardly surprising. The end-product must be always safe and effective, and waste of precious API 's must be avoided wherever possible.
For example, during production in the pharmaceutical industry, metering pumps are used to dose additives very accurately. These pumps must meet high standards. This is vital to ensure that drug production is safe and effective. Gear pumps are then a logical choice.

Pulsation-free and controlled dosing from 1µl/hour onwards

One of the advantages of gear pumps is their precision, which is very important for the quality of the final product. This is because the amount of liquid pumped can be controlled and adjusted to the specific requirements of a production process. Wasting expensive ingredients is therefore a thing of the past. Moreover, gear pumps are characterised by continuous, pulsation-free dosing and low shear stress. Two more important contributions to your quality!

Reliable and long service life

As gear pumps are configured specifically for the application, they are highly reliable and durable. The high-quality and possibly polished (Ra < 0.8) materials are resistant to corrosion and wear. This makes them suitable for use in demanding environments, such as clean rooms.


Hygienic gear pump

SIP gear pump, hygienic class H3. Sterilisation with steam up to 135°C.

Due to the chemical character of additives, it is often necessary for pumps to be leak-proof. Magnetically coupled gear pumps are hermetically sealed. The shaft seals have given way to a magnetic bushing with static seals that hermetically seal the pump. This way, no leakage can occur!


To meet the GMP guidelines to which pharma must conform, gear pumps are available that are either SIP- or CIP-cleanable. Designed to meet the highest hygiene and quality requirements, they can be thoroughly cleaned without dismantling.



Suurmond solutions for the pharmaceutical industry:

Micro filter with tri-clamps

HNPM Micro filter with tri-clamps

technical data hygienic pumps


Inspection documentation is made available for the wetted parts:

For the metal parts, material certificates type 3.1 and the declaration of conformity 2.1 (DIN EN 10204:2005) are supplied. Including ATEX certification if applicable.

Ask our specialists about the possibilities for your process! Let's talk!

Suurmond responds to the growing demand


Product quality and safety both benefit from the demanding regulations regarding production in the pharmaceutical industry. In R&D, the demand for GMP compliant equipment is rising. Suurmond and its suppliers have experience with these strict regulations when it comes to reactors and dosing systems. From lab to production scale.

GMP for high quality and safety

Quite a few requirements are set to comply with GMP, both for the materials used and the roughness of the surface as well as the cleanability of the dosing system. This is necessary because contamination is undesirable and not even allowed. The ultimate goal of GMP is to always guarantee the same high-quality product, without risk of cross-contamination by residual product in one of the components of the process equipment.

Suurmond and GMP

A lot is possible in terms of material use and selection of components thanks to Suurmond offering modular solutions. Suurmond can go far and is even willing to go the extra mile, which is made possible thanks to our high-end component suppliers. Our supplier BÜCHI is even at the forefront with their cGMP reactors.

cGMP glass reactors

cGMP glass reactor

BÜCHI cGMP glass reactor system for the clean-room

Cleaning is extremely important in the pharmaceutical industry. Relevant parts of the BÜCHI cGMP reactors are therefore made of stainless-steel.
The frame is made of welded, polished square pipes of stainless-steel. The valves also have polished valve bodies and stainless-steel handles. The patented büchiflex glass connections are executed in polished stainless-steel with a minimal threaded portion.
The cover plate is made of Hastelloy C22 with welded Tri-clamp adapter (also available in other materials).

For the clean-room, motors without external ventilation are used to prevent turbulence. An ATEX version is also available.

Switzerland plays a key role in the pharmaceutical industry. The Swiss company BÜCHI can therefore be called a forerunner in this field. They always respond to new developments in time.

Dosing systems

Many dosing systems are used in the pharmaceutical industry. With the suurDOS® dosing systems, Suurmond goes to great lengths to meet the requirements. Suurmond offers tail-made solutions thanks to their suppliers with the same flexible attitude. For example, in the case of GMP, think of a pump and filter with surface roughness of Ra 0.8 μm, both CIP and SIP cleanable! PEEK tubing and special NPT fittings without corners and dead volume.
An additional advantage of the suurDOS® is that an accurate and pulsation-free flow from 1μl per hour is possible, independent of the differential pressure and volume flow! This saves you valuable APIs! An economical and safe solution, also for your process!


GMP provides quite a few procedures and guidelines to make every part traceable. All batches must be validated. This means that these are recorded with certificates. Only a carefully recorded and controlled production process ensures the quality of a medicine. For laboratories, this means that DIN is used as a guideline. This is a European directive that also immediately complies with CE.


Validation is facilitated by all the documentation and certification we provide. Suurmond makes Inspection documentation available for the wet parts. 3.1 certificates and the Declaration of compliance 2.1 (DIN EN 10204:2005) are supplied for the metal products.

Dedicated dosing systems for industry

suurDOS® dosing system 




Modular reactors with a favorable ROI


During these times of shortages in resources and materials, increasing delivery times and prices and the ever-higher call for sustainable solutions, the investment in quality products is now more important than ever.

A steady system with long-term guarantee

For reliable and economical research results, a proven reactor is indispensable. BÜCHI's modular pressure and glass reactors are flexible in use. The configuration of the system can be adjusted for each new process.

Budget can only be spent 1x

There is only one disadvantage to high quality: the price. It is higher than less qualitative, unsustainable solutions. However, with a new BÜCHI reactor comes a free set of parts and associated tools. At the first service moment, the parts are already in your possession. You save those costs at that moment.

The advantage is that the BÜCHI reactors can easily be adapted to new needs. Maintenance is minimal and you can do most of it yourself. In the longer term, the ROI is much more favorable. The investment easily pays for itself.

Little trouble with increasing delivery times

Because the BÜCHI reactors hardly fail, and therefore replacement parts rarely need to be ordered, you are assured of continuity.

Glass reactors

With the patented Büchiflex ball joints for assembling glass systems, you can easily exchange parts yourself. The unique Büchiflex ball joints ensure vacuum-tight, leak-free and stress-free mounting of glass systems without the need for expansion joints. You do not need any supplies of glass. Short downtimes and low daily operating costs!

A responsible choice

With the purchase of a BÜCHI reactor you make a responsible choice: sustainable and with a favorable ROI!

Want to know more?

We look forward to meeting you during the WOTS in our stand 7E057! Let's talk!

Buchi reactors

BÜCHI Pressure and glass reactors

For volume flows from 1 μl/h to 2’400 l/min.

Precise dosing means measuring the flow of liquid and adding or injecting it into a main pipe or pressure pipe in a controlled manner. The pump is controlled, in a so-called "closed-loop control", via a flow meter. The accurate dosing of liquids is becoming increasingly important in modern chemical processes. Chemical companies are achieving increasing success with the production of specialty chemicals and specialty polymers. To produce these products, dosing additives is often essential. Additives add special properties and/or are necessary for an efficient reaction.

Accurate and pulsation-free

Gear pumps which are characterized by high volumetric efficiency (due to their small clearances), are very suitable for dosing applications. Even for low viscous products such as solvents, alcohol or liquefied gas, gear pumps can be used for accurate and pulsation-free dosing.

Gear pumps

MAAG industrial gear pumps for pulseless flow type dosix

MAAG dosing pump type dosix with a 3-piece design for easy maintenance

Gear pumps are modular in construction and can therefore be adapted to the specific properties of the liquid to be pumped. Ideal for the chemical industry because the right materials for the pump housing and the internal parts can be selected for each application.
Thanks to this modular construction, the pump materials are not only optimally matched to the chemical properties of the dosed product, but also adapted to the typical process data such as viscosity, operating temperature.

Reliable processes: quality prevents downtime!

In this way, the pumps are assembled for the intended purpose resulting in a maintenance-friendly and reliable dosing solution resulting in a reliable and accurate process!

Micro dosing

Since Suurmond has the HNPM micro gear pumps in its portfolio, in addition to the usual volume flows, it is also possible to realize micro dosing. We are talking about volume flows from 1 microliter per hour!

HNPM micro pumps

HNPM micro pumps

Our portfolio

Suurmond has specialized in gear pumps since 1974 and represents the leading manufacturers MAAG Pump & Filtration Systems AG, GATHER Industrie GmbH and HNP Mikrosysteme GmbH.
In our portfolio we offer solutions for volume flows from 1 μl/h to max. 2’400 l/min.

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Chemical development requires safe and reliable reactor systems that meet legal, operational and other process-related requirements. 

What does your reactor have to comply with?
Come to our stand at WOTS 7E057 and we will see together what you need! Suurmond supplies reactors and complete reactor systems for batch and continuous reactions. Both standard and customer specific systems.

On display in our stand:

Our own suurGLASS reactor! During the fair we have a discount promotion. We are happy to tell you about it in the stand.

A standardized, universal reactor for every budget!


glass lab reactor


Pressure reactors

Modular! Easy to adapt to new processes.mid-scale lab reactor



Glass reactors

Easy parts exchange!WOTS2022 glasreactoren

Multipurpose glass reactors:

Easy and safe to use!

Nutsch filters for filtration & SPPS:


Automated lab reactors

Small-scale lab glass reactors_Fully automated glass, Reactors for synthesis in parallelFully controlled reactor systems, including automation and data logging with automatic report function and analysis software.
Optimize your process with easy-to-use, automated laboratory reactors and design your scale-up accurately.

Make it easier, faster, safer, more efficient and economical. Modular systems that fit your process!

Check our FlexyCUBE for parallel synthesis in our stand!





Dosing systems

Dedicated dosing systems for industry

Pulsation-free and very accurate! Also suitable for dosing and circulating in your reactor. On display in our stand!



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Quality prevents downtime!

At a time when shortages in raw materials and materials predominate, delivery times are increasing and the call for sustainable solutions is becoming increasingly emphatic, the choice for a reliable process is more important than ever.

Pumps are an essential part of a process in the process industry, the dynamic part of the installation. That one then opts for a high-quality pump seems a foregone conclusion. Although this may not always be the case. Sometimes one opts for a cheaper solution, which may seem suitable for the present application, but the question of downtime remains. This could be a conscious choice. However, in the current market this can be very disadvantageous, as new pumps are not immediately available due to long delivery times. Stagnation of a production line becomes a risk.

Reduce your risks of downtime

Gear pumps are specifically configured for the application and are therefore reliable. Especially in these times of increasing delivery times, an investment in quality products benefits your operational reliability!

Gear pumps

Gear pumps are modular in construction and can therefore be adapted to the specific properties of the liquid to be pumped. Ideal for the chemical industry, because the right materials for the pump housing and the internal parts can be selected for each application.

Due to this modular construction, the pump materials are not only optimally adapted to the chemical properties of the pumped or dosed product, but also to the typical process data such as viscosity and operating temperature.

In this way, the pumps are assembled for the intended purpose, resulting in a maintenance-friendly and reliable solution, leading to a reliable and accurate process!

Gear pump components

Suurmond has specialized in gear pumps since 1974 and represents:

We offer gear pumps for volume flows starting at 1 μl/hour to max. 2'400 l/min. For dosing and transferring of liquids with pressure build-up. Pumping from a possible vacuum is also possible.

Want to know more?

Want to know more about gear pumps and their role in reliable processes? We look forward to meeting you in our stand! PumpPlaza stand 8D050! Let's talk!

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Chemical processes involve risks. Protect your operators and our environment and use hermetically sealed gear pumps. Leak-proof, safe, and sustainable.

Let's meet at WOTS in our booth at PumpPlaza (8D050). We will tell you all about it!


Magnetically coupled gear pumps

Hermetically sealed gear pumps are used for pulsation-free dosing, for pumping and circulating low to medium viscous, lubricating, and non-lubricating liquids. They are also suitable for acidic and corrosive solutions. Very accurate and reproducible.
Because the pumps are equipped with a magnetic coupling, the pumps are a reliable, leak-free solution for extremely high to extremely low temperatures.
Gear pumps are specifically configured for the reliability and accuracy of your application and are therefore reliable. Especially in these times with increasing delivery times, an investment in quality products benefits your operational reliability! Sustainable solutions!
Thanks to a wide range of material combinations (including corrosion-resistant components), and variable speed pump drives, these gear pumps are very versatile.

System pressure up to 325 bar

GATHER pompen met magneetkoppeling type BG2

GATHER pump with magnetic coupling

GATHER magnetically coupled process pumps are unique in their ability to handle system pressure up to 325 bar! This makes them ideal for a variety of challenging applications, such as seal units, sample units and also cryogenic applications! Moreover, they are suitable for SIP & CIP applications.

Volume range from 0.000333 to 66.7 l/min
System pressure -1 to +325 bar
Temperature range -200 to +450°C
Viscosity from 0.1 to 2,000 mPas (specials up to 10,000 mPas)

Crystallizing, oxygen- and moisture-sensitive liquids

HNPM micropump, ATEX

The compact HNPM micro gear pumps have been developed for pulsation-free pumping of very small volumes, including non-lubricating, and inert liquids. For high pressure, low pressure, and OEM applications. The hermetically sealed micropumps ensure the safe pumping of crystallizing, oxygen- and moisture-sensitive liquids.

Leak-proof, safe! Micropumps for EX zones are also available.

Flow rates from 1 μl/hour to 1.1 l/min
Differential pressure from 1.5 to 200 bar
Viscosity from 0.3 to 1,000,000 mPas

Solidifying liquids

MAAG gear pumps with the MagDrive magnetic coupling also ensure safe and reliable applications such as crystallization, moisture- or air-sensitive liquids (e.g. isocyanate). The double sealing of the magnetic coupling ensures optimal heating and cooling and leak detection; ideal for coagulating liquids such as paraffin, and moleton sulphur.

Flow from 0.05 to 1,400 l./min.
System pressure -1 to 350 barg
Temperature from -30 °C to 320 °C
Viscosity 0.3 to 4,000000 mPas

Suurmond has specialized in gear pumps since 1974 and represents MAAG Pump & Filtration Systems AG, GATHER Industrie GmbH and HNP Mikrosysteme GmbH.

Want to know more about gear pumps and their role in reliable processes? We look forward to meeting you in our stand! PumpPlaza stand 8D050! Let's talk!

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Suurmond partners up with the customer during the whole application life cycle of the product, to obtain a sustainable and reliable solution. This means an intensive cooperation with the customer starting with the selection of the components throughout the whole life cycle of the plant.

We feel responsible for the application up to the moment where the application stops. It is in our DNA!


Suurmond Application Life Cycle


Efficient and energy-efficient dosing and pumping

SUURMOND pump unit with a MAAG gear pump

In the process industry there is a wide choice of types of pumps. Depending on the process for which the pump is used, the selection is limited. When a pump is used for dosing additives, for example, or for pumping water, the choice will quickly fall to gear pumps or centrifugal pumps respectively. 

Centrifugal pumps

Centrifugal pumps are traditionally driven at speed. To achieve the desired volume flow, the pressure line is pinched. This is best compared to a garden hose that is connected to the tap, where the tap is fully opened and the hose is then pinched so that only a small stream of water comes out. This creates a higher pressure in the pipe that would not actually be necessary if the tap were to be opened only a little. At that moment, the pressure (and therefore the problem) is moved to the tap.

In fact, a lot of energy is used to build up a pressure, which is not necessary for a small stream. In this way, a lot of energy is wasted during the life of the pump over many years, because centrifugal pumps often have large installed capacities. 100 - 350 kW is not unusual. There's a lot to save here.

Limit your CO2 emissions and save on energy costs with gear pumps

SUURMOND pump unit with a GATHER magnetically coupled gear pump

The speed of gear pumps is often controlled via frequency conversion of the e-motor. The speed of the gear pumps is adjusted with a flow meter or a "load cell" and a closed-loop control in such a way that the pump delivers the desired volume flow. Here, dosing accuracies of 0.1 ... 5% can be achieved. As a result, no more pressure is built up than necessary and much more efficient and energy-efficient pumping can be done.

The gear pumps that Suurmond supplies all have relatively small installed capacities. These typically vary between 0.2 kW and 18.5 kW! In short: the gear pump solution offers significant energy savings over centrifugal pumps.

Your choice

Where centrifugal pumps often have large installed capacities, gear pumps are all very effective and efficient! Do you want to limit your CO2 emissions and save on energy costs? Then gear pumps are the best choice.

Example of a pump unit with an HNMP micro annular gear pump


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