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Reactor vessel

Polymerisation reactor with distillation set-up

                                 Polymerisation reactor with distillation set-up

For this set-up a type 1B glass reactor was chosen. This double walled vessel is executed with a bottom valve and suitable for pressures up to 6 bar.

Lift and fast action closure

The polyclave is executed with a lift and fast-action-closure. Ideal for simple and safe opening of the vessel; a safety mechanism prevents the vessel to be opened under high pressure.

Distillation set-up

The distillation set-up is a standard solution offered by Büchi and executed with Büchiflex couplings. This makes the glass construction flexible and parts can easily be exchanged or added.

Rupture disc

A graphite rupture disc in the glass system ensures that pressure is relieved in the atmospheric system; an extra safety feature in case the pressure becomes too high for the glass.

Ball valve

Between the glass distillation system and the high pressure reactor, a ball valve is installed. By manually switching, the atmospheric distillation system can be blocked in case of increased pressure in the reactor. This gives opportunity to operate the reactor both under vacuum circumstances and under high pressure conditions.

Magnetically coupled stirrer drive

For stirring, an inline drive is foreseen with a magnetic coupling of 800 Nm with ball bearings (to be able to reach a higher rpm).

suurDOS® dosing system

The system has been prepared to be extended with a fluid dosing system. A tray is already included for this suurDOS®.