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MAAG industrial gear pumps for pulseless flow with magnetic drive

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Precisely gear pumps are characterized by a very low NPSHr and are therefore ideally suited for pumping fluids from vacuum. Where for centrifugal pumps the NPSHr is mostly a few meters water column (mlc), gear pumps have a NPSHr of a few centimeters mlc. This is achieved by low speed, high inlet and high suction power of this type of pump.

It is even possible to pump a highly viscous polymer from a vacuum tank with a positive feed height of only a few decimeters with a gear pump!!

Our gear pumps are also used under thin film evaporators (in which vacuum conditions exist) to pump the so-called bottom product from a collector. For example, when processing oligomers.

Suurmond offers solutions for this application for production, R&D and laboratory.

MAAG gear pumps (*) – flow from 0.5 to 2’400 l./min.
Whether or not with magnetic coupling and possibly equipped with a (heated) double hot containment shroud in case of solidifying liquids.

GATHER magnetically coupled gear pumps – flow from 0.33 ml/min to 66.7 l/min

HNPM micro gear pumps – flows 1.5 µl/min to 1.1 l/min. 
For example for under a destillation column in a laboratory.

(*) both MAAG industrial pumps and polymer pump type VACOREX®

Suurmond supplies solutions to optimize your process and improve the quality of your end-product. Our specialists will be happy to advise you.

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