• Chemical pumps

    Chemical pumps
    Process pumps for (viscous) fluids for processes in the (petro)chemical industry with extreme parameters.
  • Magnetically coupled pumps

    Magnetically coupled pumps
    Process pumps for pumping fluids under hazardous circumstances. Ideally suited for the chemical and pharmaceutical industry.
  • Micro pumps

    Micro pumps
    Process pumps for pumping smallest quantities fluids, also non-lubricating and inert fluids.
  • Compounding pumps

    Compounding pumps
    Process pumps applied in the polymer industry for an improved energy balance and higher capacity.
  • Polymer pumps

    Polymer pumps
    Process pumps for polymer production, polymer synthesis and compounding installations.
  • Extrusion pumps / Thermoplastics

    Extrusion pumps / Thermoplastics
    Process pumps for extruding plastics, elastomers and compounds.
  • Extrusion pumps / Elastomers

    Extrusion pumps / Elastomers
    Process pumps for process optimization, reduction of pressure building and increase of output and quality end product elastomers.
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