• Gear pumps

    Gear pumps
    Modular gear pumps for the processing industry for dosing and transporting fluids, pumping from vacuum or for building pressure.
  • Turbine pumps

    Turbine pumps
    Processing pumps for dosing, pumping and circulation fluids such as water, acids, alkaline liquids and solvents.
  • Filter systems

    Filter systems
    Filtration systems for an optimal melt quality. Characterised by the short residence time of the product.
  • Screen changers

    Screen changers
    Screen changers for filtration of extruded plastic melt. For continuous and discontinuous processes.
  • Control systems

    Control systems
    Custom made control systems for components and systems in the processing industry.
  • Units

    Complete custom made units and devices for dosing, boosting, circulating and lubricating fluids in the processing industry.
  • Other products

    Other products
    Components for pumps, pump systems, screen changers, filtration systems and unit construction.
  • Aftersales

    From inspection and repair to optimization of your production line and on-site training.
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