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Perfect for industrial and chemical applications, production environments  including in EX zones. Reliability in any environment, indoors and outdoors.

Versatile micro pumps. Also for production. Indoors and outdoors.

Micro gear pumps are the unobtrusive heroes of the process industry, where their versatility is an invaluable asset as they can meet the complex requirements of different manufacturing processes. Their compact size, precision, compatibility with various media and advanced features make them a valuable tool for engineers and researchers worldwide. Not only indoors but also outdoors!

HNP Mikrosysteme’s micro gear pumps can handle a wide range of fluids, ranging from corrosive liquids to sensitive biological samples. Their compact design makes them perfect for incorporation into your system or fume cupboard as an OEM pump. Moreover, there are possibilities for use in an EX zone and FDA-compliant options. Furthermore, they are suitable for continuous and batch dosing.


Advantages of micro gear pumps:

Micro gear pumps are characterised by a very precise and pulsation-free flow. The geometry of the rotors makes it possible to achieve large differential pressures, even with fluids of relatively low viscosity. For many processes, this is crucial for the quality of the product and also very beneficial with regard to the use of valuable raw materials. The pumps are also very suitable for continuous processes that can save quality and time.


How accurately does a micro gear pump dose?

HNPM’s micro pumps are available for flow rates as low as 1 microlitre per hour!  Minimum dosing per revolution is just 0.25 microlitres.

HNPM micro gear pumps are applied in diverse fields:

– Chemistry and micro-reactor technology

– Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics, including micro-encapsulation

– Life science, analytical instrumentation in particular

– Mechanical engineering

– Fuel cells

– Biotechnology

– Organic electronics

– Aerospace

– Injection of additives in the production of polyol, polyurethane, etc.

– Injection of e.g. vitamin E in an extrusion process of cereals or animal feed


Micro dosing in processes up to 200°C:

With the recent further development of HNPM’s mzr-6355 pump, there are now options for dosing at temperatures up to 200°C. This pump is hermetically sealed and thus leak-proof and safe. This means this micro gear pump can also be used in polymerisation processes, R&D environments and for controlled dosing applications in, for example, a reactor.



For those striving to improve processes and maximise efficiency and precision, micro gear pumps are an indispensable tool. Their ability to meet the complex requirements of modern production environments makes them the silent heroes of the process industry, not only improving performance but also providing the opportunity to push boundaries and drive innovation. Optimise your processes today with the versatile micro gear pump technology from HNP Mikrosysteme!