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HNPM has further developed an existing micropump so that it is suitable for temperatures up to 200°C. The pump is hermetically sealed, making it leak-proof and safe. This development opens the door to micro-dosing in other market segments.

The HNPM micro gear pump type mzr-6355 is ideally suited for dosing (measured pumping) small quantities of liquids. Also, low-viscosity liquids. Think of additives, dyes, and acids in the food industry, but also solvents such as MEK, THF and acetone. This makes the pumps perfect for use in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries! For both batch and continuous processes.

Because the micropump pumps so accurately, you don't waste precious ingredients. In fact, you never over-dose. This makes your process more efficient and economical.

New opportunities

This micro-gear pump can also be used in polymerization processes, R&D environments and for controlled dosing applications in, for example, a reactor.
The unique pumping principle of the HNPM is characterized by a continuous, pulsation-free yield. The pump has compact dimensions, a small mass and can easily be installed into a fume hood. Furthermore, this pump is optionally available in an ATEX version.


micro pump mzr 6355

HNPM micro pump mzr 6355

Technical details

Volume 0.024 - 144 ml/min
Dosing volume from 15 µl
Temperature range max 200°C
Viscosity 0.3 - 1,000 mPa·s
System pressure 80 bar
Differential pressure 40 bar


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