On-site training

On-site training
We organise training for the usage of the pumps and installations supplied by us, as well as training for repairing these products.
To ensure that your own service department can inspect and repair the pumps supplied by us, we offer training on-site. The aim is to ensure that the inspection and overhaul takes place in a timely and thorough manner and to ensure that the pump continues to perform efficiently. 
Training in pump maintenance means:
  • visit on-site by our experienced service technician
  • disassembly of the pump together with the customer
  • visual inspection of the pump
  • cleaning of parts for further inspection
  • detail inspection
  • damage analysis in order to determine the possible causes
  • repair of pump parts if needed/ possible
  • assembly of the pump with existing and/ or new parts
  • detailed explanation at each step
  • viewing various examples of damages to gear, shafts and bearings, pump house and analysis of possible causes

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