Homogenous dosing of oily additives under pressure

Homogenous dosing of oily additives under pressure
Problem: lack of homogenous throughput to extruder when dosing an oily additive under pressure into the extruder with extremely low capacity.

Solution: the standard suurDOS dosing unit with HNPM micro gear pump combined with storage vessel with agitator and filter.


A worldwide active producer of technical foils looked for a solution for pulsation-free dosing an oily additive under pressure into the extruder with extremely low capacity (up to 100 ml/min).
It concerned an application for a smaller production unit that was also often used for testing. 
In addition, the system had to be able to process various sorts of additives, always in liquid form, with viscosities varying from watery up to 1.000 mPas. 
Tests with typical dosing pumps already gave positive results. However, due to pulsating dosing of these dosing pumps, the additive was not divided homogenously into the extruder, resulting in an end product that did not quite meet the quality requirements.  


The standard suurDOS solution by Suurmond could solve this dosing issue in a pulseless manner. Since the customer also required a storage vessel on the system, and the dosing solution was placed next to an extruder, this standard solution was expanded with a storage vessel in a larger mobile frame. 
Further, the storage vessel was equipped with an agitator to prevent sedimentation. The suction side of the pump was equipped with a 25 µm filter with an extra large filtration surface. This filter not only protects the pump, but also prevents undissolved particles to reach the extruder, which would influence the quality of the end product (foil) negatively. 

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