Dosing liquid additive into a compounding extruder

Dosing liquid additive into a compounding extruder



Outdated, unsafe installation for dosing liquid additives 
where the production had to be stopped to change the 
feedstock barrel.


Mobile, multi employable suurDOS micro unit with 
pump protection, fluid detection, leak-free 
quick connect coupling and buffer tank. 





Our client used a unit of their own design for dosing fluid additives into a mixing extruder that was designed to operate in a range of outputs from 0.25 to 3.8 kg per hour.
The installation was an outdated system that was unsafe due to the lack of a pump protection. Also, the production had to be stopped to change the barrel. This caused unnecessary production loss and costs!!

Our solution:

Suurmond designed a suurDOS micro based on the process data and the requirements of the client, taking safety and production continuity as the starting points. 
The suurDOS unit was equipped with a Gather DRIP pump, size I. The DRIP is a robust dosing pump that can dose quantities of fluids from 0.02 – 5.00 litres per hour (0.33 – 83,33 ml/min.). 
The suurDOS® was produced with a fluid leakage detector to prevent the pump from dry-running. Further, we made use of leak-free quick connect couplings to make changing the stock barrel a simple and clean job. 

In addition, the buffer tank provides that the production does not need to be halted during the exchange of the feedstock barrel.

In short; the process not only became safer but also more efficient!

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