Dosing additives in a continuous process

Dosing additives in a continuous process


Batch process and leakage

One of our customers that is active in the chemical sector was faced with several problems concerning its dosing processes. To dose additives into a production process, the company employed a piston pump with a reservoir; a system that can be compared to a large syringe that is slowly emptied: i.e. batch dosing. 

Although this system was perfectly accurate, the piston seal was often found to be leaking. And dosing by means of a batch process also required the production process to be stopped frequently in order to refill the reservoir. This was simply an impractical situation.

Our solution:

To resolve these problems, Suurmond supplied two suurDOS® systems, each consisting of:
  • suction connection
  • duplex filter system (one filter working and one stand-by)
  • chemically inert rotary positive displacement pump (a type mzr-6355 HNPM micro gear pump)
  • mass flow meter

All the components are integrated into a complete unit that is quick and efficient to install. To ensure optimum process reliability, this customer's suurDOS® systems have full redundancy built in.