Multi channel dosing unit

Multi channel dosing unit

Problem: precise dosing of 20 to 24 fluid flows at high temperature


For a very special process, Suurmond has - in close cooperation with the customer - designed a multi channel dosing unit for a low viscous product that must be processed at high temperature.


For this unit highly precise gear pumps are used whose speed is precisely synchronised with the master pump. The master pump is equipped with a very accurate flow control. This enables the fluid to be dosed to 20-24 output channels with high precision at a relatively low investment.


The pumps have all been electronically secured by a pressure measurement on each output that is especially designed for this unit and that is able to measure a single mbar. Pressure fluctuations are captured by a - for these temperatures in house designed - mechanical accumulator.


The whole is reciprocally incorporated in a compact machine, which can be placed easily in the production line.

Suurmond has helped the customer at all stages of development of the process, by designing and building line ups for both the initial testing of the process on lab scale and for testing in the production process. This eventually resulted in a unit developed for the actual production process, which Suurmond now delivers, installs and supports worldwide for the customer.

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