Pumps for paint plant

Pumps for paint plant
Problem:             low viscosity, (relative) high differential pressure and wide flow range.
Onze solution:    highly engineered pump units using Maag pumps with small internal clearances.
Suurmond UK Limited supplied pump units with Maag gear pumps of various sizes for a new paint plant being built by AkzoNobel in Ashington, Northumberland. 

Challenging applications

Maag offer a range of pumps manufactured from cast iron and stainless steel for the standard range to Hastelloy and more exotic alloys for the specialist applications. 
Their products serve all applications from oil transfer to polymer production and are capable of pumping fluids in a viscosity range from water-like fluids to fluids up to 4 million mPas. One of Maag’s key features is the ability to pump very high viscosity fluids pulselessly and efficiently. 


Suurmond UK selected Maag pumps for the Ashington project as their process performance and reliability are ideally suited to the project and process requirements. A basic requirement of the project was to deliver pump units that met all the process requirements within a strict delivery schedule.

The process requirements of the project for AkzoNobel meant Maag Pumps were the obvious choice as, in many of the applications, the fluids have low viscosity but still needed to be volumetrically efficient across a very wide range of flow rates. In some cases the required turndown was up to 18:1, this means that the maximum flow was up to 18 times greater than the minimum flow rate. 

Pump selection

Maag CINOX® pumps were selected for the project because the materials of the construction are well suited to chemical applications. The CINOX® pump has a stainless steel body, stainless steel shafts (gears) and combined with carbon bearings and a mechanical seal it makes a perfect choice for providing pulseless flow for chemical processing. 
Years of experience has allowed Maag to develop features within the pumps that set them apart from the rest of the industry. Features like internal lubrication channels, optimized flow channels and process specific clearances have been engineered to give the best possible performance even in the most challenging of conditions. 


The Maag pumps were coupled with ABB drives for this project. The pump units supplied by Suurmond have been integrated into skid units designed by Projen and were assembled and tested by Merit Merrell Limited and AkzoNobel engineering staff. 

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