Pump unit for hotmelt with double throughput

Pump unit for hotmelt with double throughput


A customer encountered quality problems with the production of glue sticks. The system our customer was using gave instability in the output of the hotmelt, a relatively low viscous product. Additionally they wanted to increase output. Our customer tried to solve their problems by splitting the hotmelt flow in two. Unfortunately, this did not result in the required quality.

Our solution

Suurmond developed a pump system with a double pump. The synchronisation with the driver was controlled by means of frequency inverter. A cost-effective solution that was developed in consultation with the supplier of the drive.
The gear pump that was used for this purpose is a double pump by MAAG, type EX GPD. This compact pump is capable to run two completely different flows simultaneously with distinct throughput and pressure ratings. This type of gear pump is heatable with heating cartridges.
The pump and driver are mounted on a skid with small footprint and safety guard. Suurmond not only supplied the pump system but also a complete control system.

Technical data:

Pump type :  Extrex 28-5 GPD by MAAG
Viscosity :  maximum 30,000 Pas
Temperature :  maximum 350°C
Inlet pressure :  maximum 120 bar by MAAG
Drive   Lenze, including control system and adapters
Assembly :  special design skid with adjustable base for optimal alignment

Maag double pump for hotmelt

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