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AVANTIUM Batchington platform for catalyst screening

Büchi accessories for pressure reactors

Büchi Chemical Process Equipment

Büchi Glass automate your pilot plant flyer

Büchi Glass Buchiflex Glass Connection

Büchi Glass Chemreactor BR CR GR

Büchi Glass filter reactors flyer

Büchi Glass Nutsch Filter

Büchi Glass Nutschfilter tiltable

Büchi Glass Pressure Reactor

Büchi Glass Reactor midipilot

Büchi Glass Reactors Pilot Plants

Büchi high pressure lab reactors

Büchi High Pressure Reactor midiclave

Büchi Hydrogenation System

Büchi Magnetic Stirrer Drive Coupling

Büchi Measure and control units

Büchi Metal free Pressure Reactor

Büchi midscale pressure reactors

Büchi Minipilot Glass Pilot Reactor

Büchi overview reactor systems

Büchi Parallel Pressure Reactor

Büchi Pilot Plant Pressure Reactor

Büchi pressure reactor Catalyst Testing

Büchi Pressure Nutsch Filter

Büchi small scale pressure reactors

Dosing & mixing system for new adhesive

Double pump system for hotmelt to overcome instability

From batch to continuous process

GATHER Couplings

GATHER Dosing-Process Pumps

GATHER DRIP Dosing-Process Pump

GATHER Filters and Valves

GATHER Lab pump

GATHER Mini centrifugal pump

HNPM Corporate brochure

HNPM martDoS dosing-and-filling-system

HNPM Micro pumps

HNPM moDoS modular-dosing-system

HNPM mzr-touch-control

HNPM µDispense compact-and-smart-dosing-system

HUBER High precision temperature control solutions for research and industry

HUBER Temperature control for pharma and biotechnology

Improve the quality and efficiency of your dosing with a pulsation-free dosing system

MAAG cinox therminox stainless steel gear pump

MAAG cinox-V therminox-V Stainless steel discharge pumps for chemical processes

MAAG Company brochure

MAAG Cooling belt for micro pelletizing PFS

MAAG CSC_continuous screen changer

MAAG CSC-BF-4F Backflush screen changer for maximum screen service life

MAAG CSC-C Double piston screen changer for extrusion and compounding

MAAG Die head PFS

MAAG dosix Corrosion-resistant dosing pumps for chemical processes

MAAG drop pelletizing system DROPPO® PFS

MAAG dry-cut strand pelletizer PRIMO PFS

MAAG DSC discontinuous screen changer

MAAG Duplex large area filtration system

MAAG ESC-BF Back flush filtration with continuous screen cleaning

MAAG extrex-RV-RB High performance gear pump for rubber extruder

MAAG Extrex6 booster gear pump for thermoplastic processing industry

MAAG extrex6 ER Booster pump for the elastomeric processing industry

MAAG Extrex6 MP High-pressure gear pump for thermoplastic applications

MAAG extrex6 Y-adaptor Twin outlet gear pump for complex extrusion applications

MAAG flexinox Corrosion-resistant gear pumps for chemical processes

MAAG FSC plate screen changer for extrusion processes

MAAG gear pump Extrex® PFS 20GP for hot melt extrusion in pharma and food

MAAG HSC manual screen changer for extrusion processes

MAAG hydrolub Grey cast iron gear pump for industrial processes

MAAG Large area filtration - vessel and filtration technologies

MAAG maax-3S Automation solutions for extrusion line retrofitting

MAAG maax100s-400s-600s automation solution for polymer extrusion

MAAG mag drive Magnetic coupling for chemical and industrial processes

MAAG Melt pelletizer in a contained system SPHERO® PFS

MAAG PFS technology for pharma and food

MAAG polyrex6 Pressure increasing pump for the polyolefin industry

MAAG refinex-refitherm Cast steel gear pumps for industrial petrochemical processes

MAAG Simplex discontinuous large area filtration system

MAAG solutions for extrusion processes

Maag SSC compact screen changer for reliable melt filtration

MAAG Strand cooling belt PFS

MAAG thermorex_TR-TB-TP6 Booster pump for the polymer industry

MAAG thermorexTRO_TRP Transfer pump for oligomers and prepolymers

MAAG vacorex-GU-EP-EV_6 Extraction pump for the polymer industry

MAAG viscorex Extraction pump for the polymer industry

MAHR Blending and mixing

MAHR Metering pumps

Polymerization reactor for polyolefin synthesis

Rolf Körner filter elements

Rolf Körner Wire cloth

Rolf Körner wire meshes for filter ribbons

Sugar extraction from biomass

suurDOS® dosing system for a wide range viscosities

suurDOS® quadruple dosing system for viscous sugar additive

SUURMOND corporate brochure

SUURMOND suurDOS® dedicated dosing systems

SUURMOND suurGLASS basic reactor system

SYSTAG Automated hydrogenation solution FlexyCLAVE

SYSTAG ePAT interface for lab reactors

SYSTAG FlexyCONCEPT Automation platforem for the complete chemical process development

SYSTAG FlexyCUBE for parallel synthesis

SYSTAG FlexyPAT automated lab reactors

SYSTAG FlexyPLANT automation for kilolab and pilot plant

SYSTAG FlexyTSC Thermal Safety Calorimeter

SYSTAG SysGraph graphic tool for all Systag applications

SYSTAG Thermal Safety Analysis

Test unit for circulating and dosing resin

Unit for dispelling air from beer bottles

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Suurmond BV
The Netherlands
T +31 (341) 25 49 00 

Voltweg 2
8071 CZ Nunspeet

CoC 08142400
VAT NL815360800B01

Suurmond BV
Belgium and Luxembourg
T +32 (3) 54 44 070

Noorderlaan 109
2030 Antwerp

Company no. 0440573109
VAT BE-0440.573.109

Suurmond UK Ltd
Great Britain & Ireland
T +44 (1386) 423 756

7e Enterprise Way
Evesham, Worcester

Registration no. 5113524
VAT GB 845 7137 10

Suurmond (France)
T +33 (474) 02 66 75

Parc Millésime, bâtiment 4
119 rue Michel Aulas
69400 Limas

VAT: FR59815325303
Registration no.: 59 815 325 303

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