Fluids Handling or Polymer Handling? Let’s talk!!

09 July 2018
As you know, no production process is the same. Quite logical, right? That’s why Suurmond always talks the process in detail through with the customer. Only by compiling an extensive inventory of the process and requirements you will come to the best suitable solution. Customization!
Suurmond is happy to discuss Fluids Handling and Polymer Handling processes with you. Our precise, high-quality solutions are based on gear pumps, whether assembled in a skid or a suurDOS® dosing system or not.

Our gear pumps are very suitable for extreme processes where both high and low pressure, viscosity and temperature are no exception. We also have pumps for corrosive fluids.
Our portfolio even offers solutions for processes with temperatures > 150 °C at ΔP ≤ 200.

Temperature range -200°C – 450°C
Differential pressure up to 350 bar
Viscosity from 0.1 – 4,000,000 mPas
Flow from µl/hour > 144 m3 per hour

Precise dosing is highly important for the development and production of e.g. special, high quality polymers and chemicals. Suurmond can boast of years of experience in designing and manufacturing special dosing systems, which makes us the perfect partner. After all, we have existed since 1974.

In our booth at PumpPlaza we can show you projects that we have done and exchange ideas with you about possible solutions for your process. Come to our booth and Let’s talk!

WOTS 2-5 October 2018, Jaarbeurs Utrecht
PumpPlaza, booth 9A074

Click here for free entrance!

In our booth products from:

Demanding processes, sustainable solutions!

Suurmond pump system for polymerisation process with MAAG gear pump
  • Industrial Processing Suurmond booth 9A074 Industrial Processing Suurmond booth 9A074
  • Heatable pump for corrosive fluids Heatable pump for corrosive fluids
  • suurDOS dosing system for pure water suurDOS dosing system for pure water

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